Solution Packages

Not Just An Automation Company

Our customers benefit from our experience whether from pre-design advice on component shapes to aid feeding or in sometimes "achieving the impossible" in being able to feed the part at all!

Parts Feeder and Sorting Equipment

Before a machine or robot can work on a component, it needs to know where it is. We are able to provide a solution for the basic sorting of parts and orientating in a specific way.
We are able to provide a solution for the basic sorting of parts and orientating in a specific way for the robot to select and work on.
We have several methods that we employ to do this:
• Vibration Parts Feeders 
• Linear Feeders
• Step Feeders 
• Centrifugal Parts Feeders
• Gravity Feeders
• GRASP (Guided Robot for Automatically Sorting of Parts)
Conveyors, elevator and hoppers can all be supplied as standalone items or as part of a feeding and orientation package.
We will be pleased to provide a full solution for the presentation of parts as a complete system, allowing you to concentrate processing the parts in you machine. We have been doing this for over 45 years!

Vision Identification, Location and Inspection

We have several solutions for vision identification and sorting based around image processing.
We have in-house vision experience and systems for development
The Aylesbury Automation Euroscan is a complete compact feeding, sorting and inspecting device mounted on a base plate, consisting of a bowl feeder (3 available sizes), a conveyor belt with integrated camera system and a brand-name computer. 
Derived from the MRW ROBO-POT System, which has been tried and tested for over 16 years, the Aylesbury Automation Euroscan has now been provided with the most important consistently standardised functions and functional units included.

What types of parts can be sorted and tested?

Generally all parts that can be transported in stable positions are suitable, preferably rotationally symmetric parts with the following dimensions:
Length: 3mm - 78mm
Height: 0.5mm - 25mm
Width: 0.5mm - 22mm
Programming by the teach-in procedure (select a part, let it pass by the camera, start the device).
The feeding/testing of large part assortments with rapid changing times is possible.
Feeding in connection with the testing of parts as well as the sorting of wrong parts can avoid machine downtimes and rejects.
Even parts with difficult or almost imperceptible contours, for which mechanical sorting units usually fail, can be fed and tested.

Vision Inspection and location

We have experience and solutions for the major Vision systems from Cognex.
We can also provide a software solution for other systems.

Production reporting

As a final touch to your new system or machine, and in order to find out how well it is performing, we have a production reporting system.
Production reporting and OEE calculations can be performed on the reports from the robot. This is delivered direct to you desktop PC. Excel is then used for the final sorting and the output of the day's results.