L1 Euro Series Linear Driver

L1 Euro Series.

Linear Driver Description:

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With a footprint of 397 x 125 mm the Euro Series LI Linear Driver provides ample drive for small to medium size components. Purpose designed and manufactured tracks to meet your exact requirements are available and can be developed quickly, here in the UK.


Linear Driver Features:

The Euro Series LI Linear Driver is ideal for small to medium sized components. It's solid appearance and small footprint make it ideal for building into special purpose machines.

Base Unit Characteristics
Colour: Standard Colour Gloss Black
Option: Brushless Stainless Steel Covers
Minimum Track Length: 370mm
Maximum Track Length: 700mm
Max Outlet Extension: 280mm
Max Inlet Extension: 150mm
Max Track Weight: 7kg
Certification: CE
Weight:  -
Current Consumption:  -


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