Special Fabricated Bowls

Special Fabricated Bowls.

Fabricated Bowl Features:

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Designed and manufactured to order Special Fabricated bowls normally have a solid floor. The mounting holes are either centre mounted or drilled to match an optional adaptor plate for direct fitting on to the appropriate SI-Base Unit.

Cast Bowl Characteristics
SIK: Clock & Counter Clock
Coating: Range of Coatings
Fabricated Bowls and Dimensions: A B C D E Capacity Drive Unit
Special To Suit - SI-200 Series Base Unit: Please Call to Discuss Possibilities. SI-200
Special To Suit - SI-250 Series Base Unit: SI-250
Special To Suit - SI-400 Series Base Unit: SI-400
Special To Suit - SI-630 Series Base Unit: SI-630

Due to the wide variation in possible requirements it is not practicle to show typical measurements.
Please call/email/fax to discuss possible solutions.


Where can you use it?

Special fabricated bowls are designed and manufactured to feed components which cannot be fed with conventional feeder bowls. The shape is important and assists with separation of the components. Special Fabricated Bowls are manufactured specific to order and designed to for our range of Range of Drive Units. Together they are ideal for feeding components. Their solid appearance and small footprint make them ideal for building into special purpose machines.

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