SIK Range

SIK Range of Fabricated Bowls.

Fabricated Bowl Features:

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Manufactured to order the SIK Range of Fabricated bowls have a solid floor. The mounting holes are either centre mounted or drilled to match an optional adaptor plate for direct fitting on to the appropriate SI-Base Unit.

Cast Bowl Characteristics  
SIK: Clock Cast Bowl with Solid Floor (A017100)  
Coating: Counter Clockwise Bowl with Solid Floor (A017000)  
Fabricated Bowls and Dimensions: A B C D E Capacity Drive Unit
SIK 200-18-55: 133mm 18mm 55mm 47mm 25mm 0.5l SI-200
SIK 200-5RG-60: 139mm 5mm 60mm 50mm 28mm 0.5l SI-200
SIK 250-0-150: 238mm - 150mm - - 2l SI-250
SIK 250-20-90: 202mm 20mm 90mm 77mm 32mm 2l SI-250
SIK 250-20-105: 208mm 20mm 115mm 111mm 32mm 2l SI-250
SIK 250-8RG-150: 239mm 8mm 150mm 138mm 40mm 2l SI-250
SIK 400-0-175: 335mm - 175mm - - 10l SI-400
SIK 400-0-220: 335mm - 220mm - - 10l SI-400
SIK 400-50-175: 335mm 50mm 175mm 166mm 68mm 10l SI-400
SIK 400-15RG-220: 373mm 15mm 220mm 169mm 71mm 10l SI-400
SIK 630-0-180: 449mm - 180mm - - 20l SI-630
SIK 630-0-220: 449mm - 220mm - - 20l SI-630
SIK 630-50-190: 449mm 50mm 190mm 167mm 70mm 20l SI-630
SIK 630-15RG-250: 490mm 15mm 250mm 149mm 81mm 20l SI-630


Where can you use it?

The SIK Range of conical bowls provide increased capacity due to their shape. The shape also assists with separation of the components as the track gets longer the higher up the bowl the component travels. The SIK range of Fabricated Bowls are the perfect partner for the SI-Range of Drive Units. Together they are ideal for feeding components. Their solid appearance and small footprint make them ideal for building into special purpose machines.

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