SIC Range

SIC Range of Fabricated Bowls.

Fabricated Bowl Features:

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Manufactured to order the SIC Range of Cylindrical Fabricated bowls have a solid floor. The mounting holes are either centre mounted or drilled to match an optional adaptor plate for direct fitting on to the appropriate SI-Base Unit.

Cast Bowl Characteristics
SIK: Clock & Counter Clock
Coating: Range of Coatings
Fabricated Bowls and Dimensions: A B C D E Capacity Drive Unit
SIC 200-12-80: 90mm 12mm 80mm 65mm 22mm 0.8l SI-200
SIC 250-30-125: 144mm 30mm 125mm 120mm 33mm 1.6l SI-250
SIC 400-30-160: 220mm 30mm 160mm 141mm 50mm 7l SI-400
SIC 400-30-175: 220mm 30mm 175mm 155mm 50mm 7l SI-400
SIC 630-50-195: 335mm 50mm 195mm 167mm 70mm 20l SI-630


Where can you use it?

The SIC Range of Fabricated Bowls are designed to provide a constant feed rate. The SIC range of Fabricated Bowls are the perfect partner for the SI-Range of Drive Units. Together they are ideal for feeding components. Their solid appearance and small footprint make them ideal for building into special purpose machines.

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