Triple Digital Controller

Triple Digital Controller.

Controller Description:

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Versatile digital control unit, for dual feeder/sensor control. The MTS-443 brings unrivalled levels of reliability, versatility and performance to the Electromagnetic Feeder world. The unit combines ease of use with the very latest technology - enabling three feeders to be easily set up and controlled. The unit has 2 PNP sensor inputs, for either track or level sensors, each with its own timing functions. It also has separate enable inputs for each feeder output. Each feeder has a normal running status output, and there is also a 24 V output which can be used to operate a solenoid valve or actuator.

The MTS-443 has the following as standard:

- Mains switch with visible ON/OFF indicator

- Digital Display

- Touchpanel for easy adjustment of parameters

- 2 Separate feeder outputs

- Definable Configurations - see below

- Versatile output eg 3 x 5 A OR 1 x 15 A - see below

- Pulsed feed option - no need for a paddle switch

- 24V DC output for solenoid or actuator

- Feeder ON/OFF pushbuttons - no need to power down

- Configurable sensor logic - 

The MTS-443 Dual Digital Controller & SIEC Mk4T incorporate an adjustable two way timer for feed track control, with optional sensing heads.

With a footprint of 205 x 90 mm the MTS-443 Controller provides ample drive for small components. Purpose designed and manufactured to optimise the performance of our base units and linear drivers.

Controller Characteristics
MTS-443 Part Number: A290
Colour: Standard Matt Black
Input Voltage: 110v / 230v
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Certification: CE
Weight:  - 
Current Consumption:  - 
Dimensions: 205 x 50 x 90


Controller Features:

Special Function -- Definable Configurations: 

The unit can be configured to control almost every conventional feeder arrangement i.e.

- Bowl / Linear / Hopper

- Bowl / Linear / Linear

- 3 Track Feed and Monitoring

- 230V Elevator (Ensure output is set to 100%, Full Wave)

The MTS-443 is our most versatile, fixed frequency controller ever. 

Special Function -- Versatile Output: 

The MTS 443 has a total power capacity of 15 Amps. The two outputs can be used at any current, providing the total current drawn is not more than 10 Amps. It is possible to run a 2 Amp Hopper and 8 Amp Bowl or a 6 Amp Linear and a 4 Amp Bowl - or alternatively just use channel 1 to drive a 10 Amp feeder! 

Special Function -- Sensor Logic: 

The unit has 2 PNP sensors, which can be used in tandem to provide MIN/MAX sensor configuration or DUAL track out feed. They can also be used to control each output totally independantly.

The MTS-443 Triple Digital Controller is the ideal companion for your base unit or linear driver. It's solid appearance, ease of fitting and track control feature make it ideal for building into special purpose machines.

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