SIEC Mk4 Controller

SIEC Mk4 Controller.

Controller Description:

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With a footprint of 205 x 90 mm the SIEC Mk 4 Controller provides ample drive for small components. Purpose designed and manufactured to optimise the performance of our base units and linear drivers.

Controller Characteristics
SIEC Mk4 Part Number: A290
Colour: Standard Matt Black
Input Voltage: 110v / 230v
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Certification: CE
Weight:  - 
Current Consumption:  - 
Dimensions: 205 x 50 x 90


Controller Features:

Set-point Control Range:

Scale the usable control range of the feeder by using trimmers Umin and Umax

Vibrating Frequency Setting: 

Select 50 Hz or 100Hz (for 50Hz mains supply); 60 Hz or 120Hz (for 60Hz mains supply).

Selection of Half Wave Polarity (when several controllers are used):

To reduce mains distortion for applications using 50 (60) Hz mechanical frequency, the controllers are used on different half waves.

Invert Enable:

Change the logic function of the enable input.

Set-point Source:

Change the external set point source to 0....± 10V, DC voltage signal; 0...20mA or 4....20 mA current signal.

Soft Start:

Start up time ramp adjustment.

The SIEC Mk 4 Controller is the ideal companion for your base unit or linear driver. It's solid appearance and ease of fitting make it ideal for building into systems and special purpose machines.

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