DIN Rail Mount Controller

DIN Rail Mount Controller.

Controller Description:

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The 514-DIN Rail Mount Controller has the following as standard. 

Power ON LED 

User serviceable fuse to protect unit 

Trimmers for Minimum and Maximum vibration 

Full or Half wave selectable output 

Inputs for Remote ON/OFF switching 

Choice of setpoint control 

Durable housing 

Screw or Din rail fixing 

CE Marked

Controller Characteristics
SIEC Mk4 Part Number: A290
Colour: Standard Matt Black
Input Voltage: 110v / 230v
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Certification: CE
Weight:  - 
Current Consumption:  - 
Dimensions: 80 x 102 x 114


Controller Features

Special Function: 

The mains supply is always fluctuating, typically between -10% and +6% this is a fact of life. Obviously feed rate is heavily dependant on the applied voltage so these changes can have a detrimental

effect on the performance of automation systems. The 514-DIN Rail Mount Controller has inbuilt stabilisation electronics, which constantly monitor the mains input and adjust the output level accordingly ensuring that the feed rate is maintained.

The 514-DIN Rail Mount Controller is the ideal companion for your base unit or linear driver. It's solid appearance and ease of fitting make it ideal for building into systems and special purpose machines.

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