SIS-630-50 Cast Bowl

SIS-630-50 Cast Bowl.

Cast Bowl Features:

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Manufacured in the UK to Aylesbury Automation patterns the SIS-630-50 Cast bowl has an open centre and is machined with 12 recessed holes for direct fitting on to the SI-630 Base Unit.

Cast Bowl Characteristics
SIS-630-65 CLK: Clock Cast Bowl with Open Centre (A292131)
SIS-630-65 C/CLK: Counter Clockwise Bowl with Open Centre (A292136)
Fixed Centre: Stainless Steel Fixed Centre (A290)
Flight Width: 50mm
Radius: 440mm
Depth: 220mm
Outlet Height From Base: 155mm
Distance Between Flights: 77mm
Effective Capacity Litres:  -
Weight: 25kg
Drive Unit: SI-630


Where can you use it?

The SIS-630-50 Cast Bowl is the perfect partner for the SI-630 Drive Unit. Together they ideal for feeding smaller components. Their solid appearance and small footprint make them ideal for building into special purpose machines.

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