Orientating Rolls

Orientating Rolls.

Orientating Rolls Description:

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The Orientating Rolls are precision ground rollers which rotate in opposite directions mounted on a purpose designed framework with integral motor. 

The fine setting provided for the distance between the rollers and the angle of inclination enables a wide range of parts to be fed and orientated.

The rollers can be machined to provide a component part inspection capability.

The Orienting Rolls must be securely mounted on a firm base.

The mains supply should be connected to the local isolator. Do not connect the Orienting Rolls directly to the mains supply.

Orientating Rolls Characteristics
Size 1: Part No* A311000 - Roller Size 300mm
Size 2: Part No* A312011 - Roller Size 450mm
Size 3: Part No* A311012 - Roller Size 600mm
Colour: Standard Green RAL 6011
Voltage: 110v Single Phase or 230v Single Phase
Certification: CE Certificate of Incorporation 
Current Consumption:  - 
Weight:  - 


Orientating Rolls Features:

The rollers can be adjusted individually at either end and on either side by means of two pairs of grub screws and locknuts.

It is possible to set the rollers parrallel or with a progressive taper to one end.

If frequent adjustment is required it could be helpful to make some setting gauges.

The angle of the rollers can be adjusted to give the optimum angle required for the operation being carried out. This is achieved by releasing the clamp bolts and pivoting the rollers to the required angle and relocking.


Where can you use it?

The Orienating Rolls solid appearance and construction, ease of fitting and adjustment features make them ideal for building into special purpose machines.

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