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Euroscan Description:

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The Euroscan is a complete compact feeding, orientating sorting and inspection device which consists of a bowl feeder, a conveyor belt with intergrated line scan camera system, which is all controlled by a brand-named computer and is supplied on a common base plate.

Most parts which can be feed in a stable condition are suitable for use with the Euroscan system, but idealy rotationally symmetric parts with the following minimum dimensions

Length: 3mm 

Height: 0.5mm 

Width: 0.5mm 

Parts are programmed into the system by the 'teach-in' procedure which uses a single part of mean dimensional tolerance.

To arrange a demonstration on your components please contact our sales department.


Euroscan Features:

The output rate of the Euroscan is dependant on the components being feed and the size of the differences being inspected.

For example bolts with a 45 degree bevelled edge and a length of 50mm, orientated about its bevelled edge can be feed at approximately 200 parts per minute fully orientated.

The 'Line-scan' camera which is available in 15, 30 and 60mm high has a resolution of 0.014mm obtained over 2048 pixels.

The minimum recognisable height difference is 0.05mm

The minimum recognisable length difference is 0.2mm

(Dependant on quality of parts and required conveyor speed).

The computer system is easy to operate and can be programmed within seconds.

124 individual components can be prgrammed or alternatively programmes can be linked together so that components can be inspected in more than one orientation.

The display gives real time results including output, operating time and component reject information. All operational values can be changed by the operator whilst the system is operating.

The Standard SV1 Euroscan has syncronised 'return to bowl' and 'reject' air jets as standard. Turning stations and retaining chambers to give single components on demand from downstream equipment are also available dependant on your requirements.


Where can you use it?

The Euroscan Vibratory Drive Unit is ideal for small components. It's solid appearance and small footprint make it ideal for building into special purpose machines.

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