3D Guided Robot for Automatically Sorting Parts

3D GRASP (Guided Robot for Automatically Sorting Parts).

3D GRASP Description


The system uses a conveyor to separate the parts.

The system consists of three components:

A Conveyor fitted with DENSO motor encoder;


A SICK IVDC Vision / Laser Scanner to recognise the location of the parts;

SICK IVC-3D Smart Camera

And a DENSO robot to ensure the parts are in the correct orientation for processing.

DENSO HS-Series Robots 5kgDENSO VS Series-Robots

Bulk Storage and Purge 

A bulk storage and purge facility can be provided.


3D GRASP Features:


High Speed

Less than one second pick and place times, subject to distance, orientation changes and weights. 

Fully Flexible

Parts up to 70mm2, weights up to 50g, multiple orientation picking, in-tolerance, out-of-tolerance selection. 

No Tooling

Parts are inspected by the vision system and are identified by shape. No fixturing of the parts is required and no mechanical parts are needed enabling quick component change over. New product developments can be run through the existing system. 

Saves a machine Operation

Saves a full operation compared to a bowl feeder, by both orientating the part and delivering it to the machine. 

The Robot is CE marked with options that are UL listed. Clean Room Class 10 and Clean Room Class 1 versions make it ideal for the pharmaceutical and bio-medical applications.


Where can you use it?

Is capable of feeding parts that cannot be fed from a bowl feeder!

Precision assembly and handling in the watch, medical, plastics, electronic, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. 

Feeds parts of arbitrary shapes. 

Part material: plastic, rubber, metal, wood, glass, and combinations; unsuitable for food or wet/oily parts.