Lini Based Storage Hoppers

Lini Based Storage Hopper Description:
Download Bulk Loading & Elevating PDF Brochure 

Downloadable CAD Files :   LBSH-28   DWG   SLDPRT   STEP   PDF

                                                  LBSH-85   DWG   SLDPRT   STEP   PDF

                                                  LBSH-140   DWG   SLDPRT   STEP   PDF

Ideally suited to pharmaceutical, plastic or food applicatiions, Lini-Store hoppers are designed to provide a bulk storage facility for Euro Series Vibratory Parts Feeders.

They are designed to trickle feed products carefully into the the feeder on demand at a controlled rate thereby reducing the possibility of damage to to the product.

Hoppers can be supplied with a standard paint finish, various types of plastic coatings or may be manufactured from stainless steel.

Special Lini-Based Storage Hoppers can be made to pharmaceutical standards.

Cast Bowl Characteristics  
Fabricated Bowls and Dimensions: A B C D E F Capacity Weight
LBSH-28: 227mm 427mm 770mm 124mm 530mm 457mm 28l 50kg
LBSH-85: 227mm 635mm 770mm 124mm 530mm 457mm 84l 60kg
LBSH-140: 227mm 665mm 914mm 192mm 530mm 533mm 140l 75kg
Certification: CE


Where can you use it?

Ideally suited to pharmaceutical, plastic or food applications. 

The Lini Based Storage Hopper is either finished in standard paint colours, coated or manufactured from stainless steel.

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