Medium Duty Range Elevator

Medium Duty Range.

Elevating Hopper Loader Description:

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Used for handling heavier items such as steel components these unite are 3 phase motor driven via either a "V" belt or chain drive and torque limiter.

Elevator pick up belts are manufactured from either close link plastic or stainless steel slat band chain.

To comply with the latest safety regulations systems are finished with interlocked storage hopper covers.

Elevator Characteristics
Type: A B C D E Capacity Weight 1.5m Discharge
EHL 70-M-100: 100mm 685mm 750min 1475min 610 70l 235kg
EHL 140-M-100: 100mm 990mm 750min 1475min 610 140l 235kg
EHL 140-M-190: 190mm 815mm 750min 1475min 860 140l 250kg
EHL 280-M-190: 190mm 1215mm 1100min 1717min 860 280l 250kg
Certification: CE


Elevating Hopper Loader Features:

Discharge heights ranging from 760 to 4800 mkm are combined with various belt widths, materials and clear (slat) profiles to provide a truly comprehensive range of elevator loaders. Discharge rates are basically set using combinations of pulleys in the drive mechanism whilst precise control in operation is achieved by regulating the use of the drive motor (positive stop/start) by a level control switch on the feeder.

Chain drives and clutches are available for handling heavier items such as stell components. In such cases replaceable wear plates can be fitted to the lining of the hopper unit: other options include agitators for use with components which are liable to jam and interlock. Noise reduction covers can also be fitted.

All Aylesbury elevating hopper loaders can be supplied with steel or clear plastic guards and in twin discharge variants. If so required, purpose designed units can also be manufactured. 

Options Include: Side Flares, Split Discharge, Agitators & Hopper Covers


Where can you use it?

Ideally suited to metalforming industry applications, the standard elevating belt is manufactured from close link plastic or stainless steel and a variety of "pick up" profiles are available. 

Many other grades of belts are available to suit each application. 

The Elevator is either finished in standard paint colours, coated or manufactured from stainless steel.

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