Centrifeed Clk/C-Clk.

Centrifeed Description:

The Aylesbury Automation Centrifeed is a centrifugal parts feeder, specially engineered for high speed feeding requirements.

Delivery speeds of the Centrifeed can be varied from a few, to thousands of parts per minute.

Our machines are also available with automatic loading from bulk storage to ensure uninterrupted high speed delivery of product.

Centrifeed Characteristics
Clockwise (CLK) or Counter Clockwise (C/Clk) Feeding Clock Cast Bowl with Solid Floor (A017100)
Type: A B C D
CPF-660: * * * 660mm
CPF-1000: * * * 1000mm
Certification: CE Certification of Incorporation
Weight:  - kg
Current Consumption:  - VA
* These dimensions vary according to your personal requirements


Centrifeed Features:

Centrifeeds operate on an economical low maintenance mechanical principle.

The rotor is driven through an electronic control, which provides infinitely variable speed to suit each application.

Centripetal force drives the components around the outer edge of of the rotor, where precision-engineered tooling picks off the parts and orientates them to the delivery track.

Track shapes and designs, as well as escapement and detecting devices can be custom engineered to ensure a smooth, controlled delivery of parts. It is also possible to engineer multiple delivery tracks from the Centrifeed to feed more than one machine.

Orientation of some parts can be achieved with vision systems eliminating complex tooling.

A range of diameters provide capacities to accommodate differing component shapes and sizes. All models can be supplied with either clockwise or counter clockwise rotation and are also available without tooling.

Stands can be supplied if desired, to match track discharge dimensions to suit customers requirements. A noise reduction and safety interlocked cover is fitted as standard.


Where can you use it?

The following parts are currently in production with our Centrifeeds, at the approximate speeds shown below. Please note that the speeds shown are the requirements for the customers, and not the maximum achievable.

Nyloc Nuts (various) - 400+ parts per minute

Blank Discs (various) - 800+ parts per minute

Bottle Caps (pilferproof & standard) - 1,500 parts per minute

Alloy Discs - 900 parts per minute

Crown Caps - 600 parts per minute

Bearing rollers - 1000+ parts per minute

Tufnol Insulators - 1,200 parts per minute

12 Bore Cartridges - 1,200 parts per minute

Battery Caps - 800+ parts per minute

Cigar mouthpieces - 850 parts per minute

M8 Plain Nuts - 600+ parts per minute

Holochrome bolts M10 x 25 - 900 parts per minute

Chain Link Blanks (multi-track) - 3 x 900 parts per minute

Steel rods (various) - 2,000+ parts per minute

Tin Lids - 600+ parts per minute

Plastic Caps - 1,000 parts per minute

Hexagon Discs - 800 parts per minute

Domed Discs - 600 parts per minute

Aerosol Eyelets - 1,500 parts per minute

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