3D Printing Opportunities


Aylesbury Automation are currently producing FDM 3D printed components in ABS-M30 and PC. With an extensive portfolio of component parts already manufactured (up to maximum 355 x 254 x 254mm) they are now looking to offer the 3D plastic printing process to a wider market.

This machine enables AA to produce ‘accurate, durable, repeatable 3D parts with great throughput, so you can be just as agile with low-volume manufacturing as you are in product testing and development.'


Aylesbury Automation also offer full design capabilities with the 3D printing service, from a sketch to solid models in all formats and Aylesbury Automation will help you with the development before we get printing.


For more information on 3D printing, send us an email with your designs and/or ideas and we can arrange something with you in more detail.


Email - enquiry@aylesbury-automation.co.uk


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