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Excelling In Precision Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Aylesbury Automation supplies high speed, accurate automated assembly and test machines for the manufacture of precision products.

All machines, manufactured in house, incorporate a host of Aylesbury’s own world famous and highly renowned bowl and linear feeders. We maintain the highest  standards of quality and finish on each and every machine, designed to meet individual customer requirements for software, servo and pneumatic control. Where required, FDA approved materials and ATEX areas can be incorporated.

With over 50 years of experience providing solutions to complex assembly applications, Aylesbury offers world class customer after-sales support. Projects recently completed range from small fixtures to produce small batch, hand assembled products to fully automated robotic lines for tier 1 customers, valued in excess of £2 million.

This latest machine is used to manufacture a range of Precision Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, each of which has 3 separate component parts and assembled at the rate of 35 per minute.

The sequence begins with orientating and feeding the component body to a dead nest then picking it, inverting it and placing to the machine fixture.

The second component, a spring, is then fed, orientated and escaped into the component body. This is followed at the next station by a check to verify the presence of the spring.

The final component, the plunger, is then presented to an escapement before being blow fed into the component body.

The presence of the plunger is then verified before the final crimping operation takes place. The assembly is then activated and checked at a pre-determined height to ensure the assembly has sprung back to its rest position. The assemblies are then removed from the machine and segregated into the good or reject areas.

The machine is designed to handle two types of body which require the dial mounted fixtures to be changed. All other changes are achieved via the plc which enables the pick and place heads to reconfigure to different positions and also inhibit the inverting operation, which is not required for the alternative version.

Aylesbury Auromation welcomes your product and line requirements with experienced sales engineers always happy to ssist & quote.

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