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Application Case Study - Contact Lens Case Assembly

Aylesbury Automation’s reputation for the manufacture of high speed assembly and test machines was instrumental in Nolato Jaycare Limited, a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging products, commissioning Aylesbury to produce their latest production automation system.

Nolato Jaycare Ltd offers a full range of primary plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical and ophthalmic industry including standard containers, droppers and closures in numerous designs and sizes as well as products customised to specific customer designs.

In this latest application, Nolato Jaycare Limited required a reliable and cost effective solution for the assembly of contact lens cases at high speed. The individual components were to be fed directly from multi impression mould tools, working in a GMP environment at their advanced Portsmouth manufacturing site.

The solution to this demanding application is based on the proven Aylesbury Automation built and tooled bowl and linear feeders, AA12 station fully automatic rotary indexing assembly machine and AA purpose built servo driven torque / positioning heads, which are capable of sensing very small loads and accurate angular position at high speed.

The process starts with product fed via customer moulding machine delivery conveyor and operator loaded AA bulk storage hoppers delivering metered product into multiple tooled AA vibratory bowl feeders that feed and orientate the product seamlessly transferring the lens cases and caps via linear feeders and twin lane flat belt conveyors to pneumatic escapements.
Transfer units then place a pair of lens cases directly into the first set of 12 off twin sprung dial fixtures, next after checking the cases are present two “RH” caps are picked and placed using rotary driven vacuum heads. Servo torque heads then accurately tighten and position the caps, the sequence of placing caps is repeated for the “LH” caps. The finished assemblies produced at a rate of 70 assemblies per minute are then checked for correct type / colour of caps ensuring the lettering “L” and “R” is correctly orientated relative to the cases using COGNEX high resolution vision system integrated by AA who are Cognex approve system integrators. A diverter fitted at the outfeed allows continuous running as one box is filled the next box is started and the full box is manually replaced.


Aylesbury can integrate most makes and models of PLC. In this instance the customer chose Siemens PLC and HMI providing full operator control and fault diagnosis, stoppage information and good and bad count. Any remote diagnostics being achieved using an onsite laptop and Dream Weaver software. All elements of the system are mounted on fabricated steel support frames and the system incorporates fully interlocked high impact polycarbonate guard panels supported by an aluminium extrusion framework.


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