Out Mould Closing

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       Growing demand from consumers for novelty and convenience plastic closures is bringing new requirements within the plastics moulding industry for fresh cap closing and assembly solutions. 

At the same time, pressures on quality and cost are driving the search for improved automation solutions in conventional cap closing systems. 

Aylesbury Automation have the established expertise and innovative approach, to design and deliver the closure system you need, to support your new manufacturing programmes and meet your customer's changing requirements. 

Engineers in Aylesbury Automation have an unparalleled track record in developing new assembly solutions to meet the specific requirement of customers. In addition and working in partnership with customers, Aylesbury Automation have brought fresh insights and approaches to the design of cap closing systems.

After many years experience of designing, manufacturing and commissioning assembly machines, Aylesbury AutomatIon provide solutions which integrate into customers existing equipment.

System Description:

       One of the worlds largest closure manufacturers, produce caps for a wide range of clients in the foodstuffs industry. Aylesbury Automation helped gain additional volume with an eight-station indexing cap closing machine.

Two types of cap can be closed without adjustment, the spout within the cap having different diameters to cater for the food product to be dispensed. The machine increased output from below 50 parts per minute to a minimum of 120 with minimal waste. Twin headed machines can close in excess of 200 parts per minute. 

Aylesbury Automation have also provided a wide range of machines for 2 piece assemblies. The closure consists of the main cap and the actuator, both parts fully orientated prior to assembly and is capable of operating in excess of 60 parts per minute. 

An international company required a system for rapid assembly of flip top caps for shampoo bottles. The Aylesbury Automation solution was out of mould closing. :A series of cap closing systems were developed and supplied from simple in line machines running at around 30 closings per minute to rotary indexing machines operating at up to 120 closings per minute and multi-head machines closing over 300 parts per minute. 

For a moulding company based in Wales, a new assembly system was required for Domestos Savalot Squeeze and Turn caps. To enhance volume production to meet consumer demand, and to assemble the pre-assembled spout and cap efficiently, the Aylesbury Automation solution was a continuous rotary carousel machine. Caps and spouts are fed via gravity tracks to a continuous rotating assembly head, capable of assembling the two parts at 250 parts per minute.

System Features:

We can encompass special features such as:

• Vision Inspection of finished parts.

• Counting of good parts into boxes.

• Box Conveyors.

• Elevators or Inclined Hopper Loaders to constantly trickle feed components into the machine.

• Memory Plastic closing within a specified period.