What We Do

Aylesbury Automation is the leading automation company in the UK. The company is proud of its reputation for consulting with customers to offer a total package of highly knowledgeable and experienced sales, design, workshop and service personnel, who combine together to provide the most viable solution to our customers' manufacturing problems. Installing high quality equipment, built by best practice, enables AAL's customers to progress more competitively in their industry

Aylesbury Automation Limited has recently introduced two new divisions to their company, AA Robotics and The Bifurcated and Tubular Rivet Company (B&TR), in order to more effectively respond to industry change and production demands whilst providing a more complete and focussed service to our customers. 

In introducing AA Robotics and B&TR as divisions, the company has listened to its customers and provided a one stop shop for advanced factory automation solutions whether as part of an automation or rivet application/system or simply providing up to date knowledge and contemporary expertise.



AA Robotics specialise in the application of flexible automation and robotic solutions to achieve the best possible return on customer investment. AA Robotics are distributors for DENSO  Robots in the UK and Ireland. They can provide experience, advice and expertise to customers looking to integrate some of the fastest and most accurate robots in the world into their overall systems. The company offers full UK support for all the DENSO  range of robots and their associated spares, combining the quality and reliability of a large supplier with the expertise and experience of a UK based company that ensures the best possible service for their customers. 
The company supply naked robots for OEM or Machine Builders who are interested in integrating high quality robots into their systems, offering added services for areas such as gripper design and standard control systems. AA Robotics provide a complete service package of all necessary training, technical support and parts supplies during a robot's purchase, installation and application lifetime, ensuring a cost effective, reliable and durable investment for all their customers.


The Bifurcated and Tubular Rivet Company is currently, and has been for many years the leading manufacturer of Rivet Setting Machines in the UK. Originally established in 1892, the company's name was recently revived as a division of Aylesbury Automation Limited. The Bifurcated and Tubular Rivet Company, or B&TR and colloquially affectionately known as Bif & Tub, has built a strong reputation within the industry for supplying high quality, reliable and value for money riveting machines to many satisfied customers. 
The company is a fully resourced business that offers a complete package of experienced and knowledgeable sales, design, engineering and service personnel who combined provide the most economically viable and practical solutions to customer needs. Soundly based on ISO 9001:2008 and IiP accreditation, B&TR has, in its long history, gained experience with almost every type of industry, and has successfully offered effective solutions to a variety of manufacturer's problems. B&TR continue to develop new machines that are often specifically designed to customer requirements, as well as fully refurbishing it's original design equipment to meet with current health and safety legislation.