Mission Statement


To be a customer led organisation dedicated to achieving or exceeding the expectations of our customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers by means of continuous improvement techniques.

Customer Service:

To meet or exceed our customers' requirements in all respects, particularly quality, delivery, competitiveness and communications.

Market Position:

To maintain our position amongst the market leaders in each of our niche products and markets.


To deliver the right product first time, on time, every time.

Customer Care:

To listen, consider and act upon customers' comments and requirements promptly.

Employer Style:

To provide equal opportunities to all employees and to invest in and develop their abilities so that they may share in the success of the Company.

Financial Strategy:

To operate the Company in a financially prudent manner and to maintain adequate return on investment for our shareholders.

Community Awareness:

To be concerned and committed to improving our environment and our community.


It is the policy of Aylesbury Automation Limited to supply it’s customers with products which fulfil their specified requirements and are fit for their intended purpose.

The following principles are applied through the Company and must be communicated verbally to all employees by Departmental Supervisors.

All new employees shall be made aware of the Quality Policy during their Induction programme.

1. Full commitment of all Management to this Quality Policy, allied to an active involvement in the development of quality improvement strategies.

2. The understanding by all employees of the long-term importance of achieving customer satisfaction by providing products of consistently high quality.

3. An appreciation that quality products can only be achieved by ensuring suitable control at each stage of the process.

4. The commitment of all employees to the Company’s programme of never ending quality improvement, and its objective of zero defects.

To achieve the aims of the Quality Policy, quality is controlled by defect prevention methods, employing such techniques as design and project planning, advance quality planning, feasibility review, control plans, process control and on-going training.

A company-wide Quality Assurance System is in operation, which is based upon the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.